LifeOn - Ovarian Cancer Survivors Questionnaire I

This is an initial questionnaire for ovarian cancer survivors in conjuction with particpating in the LifeOn Network.

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At what age were you diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

45 - 65 (1)

What type of ovarian cancer were you diagnosed?

Epithelial (1)

What stage?

IV (1)

If you were diagnosed with stage IV, where did the cancer metastasize to?

Liver (1)

How soon after diagnosis did your treatment begin?

Within days (1)

What treatment did you receive? (Choose all responses that apply)

Chemotherapy (1)
Surgery (1)

Are you currently "cancer free"?

Yes (1)

If you are currently cancer free, how long?

1 - 2 years (1)

Have you had any recurrences?

No (1)

If you have had a reccurence(s), what was the timeframe between being cancer free and the reoccurence? (Choose all responses that apply)

Not applicable (1)

Do you have a family history of ovarian and/or breast cancer?

Yes (1)

Do you have a family history of surviving ovarian and/or breast cancer?

Yes (1)

Have you been diagnosed with both ovarian and breast cancer?

No (1)

To what do you attribute you cancer free status?

Treatment, support and attitude (1)