How do you feel about immigration and illegal immigrants in America?

Hopefully, congress will soon pass immigration legislation.  Let them know what you want them to consider when they write and pass this important legislation.  The results of this survey will be sent to all members of congress.  

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Do you want all illegal aliens who are in America now to receive amnesty, or be required to apply for amnesty and go through a vetting process while remaining in America?

Give amnesty to illegals who are already in America (1)

If everyone currently in America illegally is allowed to stay, should they have to pay a fine or do community service?

Yes (1)

Should everyone currently in America illegally be required to return to their home country and be required to re-enter America legally?

No (1)

For how long should a visa be granted to immigrants who come to America for a job, or school? i.e. How long should they be allowed to stay without having to renew their visas?

2 Years (1)

If an immigrant comes to America on a work or school visa, should he or she be required to leave America he or she loses the job, drops out of school or is dropped from school by the school?

Yes (1)

Currently, anyone born in America is a naturalized citizen. If the parents of the naturalized citizen child (a child born in America to illegal alien parents) are discovered to be in America, should the parents be required to return to their home country

Yes (1)

If the parents of the naturalized citizen child are illegal aliens, should the parents be allowed to remain in America because they are the parents of a naturalized citizen?

No (1)

If an illegal alien wants to pay a fine and remain in America, but cannot afford to pay a fine, what should happen to him or her?

Allow the illegal alien to remain and perform community service in lieu of the fine (1)

Do you favor prosecuting employers who hire illegal aliens

Yes (1)

Should sanctuary cities be allowed to exist in America?

No (1)

If you feel that sanctuary cities should not be allowed in America, what penalty should be levied on those cities?

A loss of all federal funding (1)

Do you currently live in a sanctuary city?

Yes (1)

If you knew a person was an illegal alien, would you report him or her to immigration, knowing that he or she would be arrested, or deported

Yes (1)

Would you ever knowingly hire an illegal alien to do a job for you, paying them cash to avoid getting caught?

Yes, if it was an odd job, such as mowing my lawn, or cleaning my house on a regular basis (1)