About Us

Live to fight another day! Do you know what you have in common with Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Nicole Kidman? You have a voice, you have passion and you are looking to advocate and make a difference for something that is very important to you. In this world of 7.125 billion people, you are the percentage that wants to do, not sit back and watch. 

Online Majority is here to be that platform for you to socialize and network with like minded individuals that want to share awareness of those issues and causes important to their hearts. You are here because you want to advocate to the world that you need their support and you want them to be part of the team that wants to make a difference. 

Whether you are looking to just network and socialize, create blogs and inform, get exposure for a petition, or just get feedback with a survey - we are the platform to do it! There is no problem, cause or issue in this world that is too small and we are here to help you expose it, share solutions and advocate for help so you can accomplish your goals and make a difference!

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