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Congress Should Pass Legislation, But The People’s Online Vote Must Make It Law

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Why you should Join Online Majority

•  Join with other Americans in the movement to give you the online vote.

• Make the people’s online voice the final voice on congressional legislation through the online vote.

• Sign petitions, help us schedule and plan rallies in your area, attend the rallies and work with others for a Constitutional Amendment to give you the online vote on congressional legislation.

• Participate in petition drives for a Constitutional Amendment and work to elect congress men and women who will work to give you the online vote you deserve.

• In the section above you will see “Your Voice Your Vote”. Be sure to cast your vote in our online polls.

• Online majority will send the results of our polls to news media and to members of congress. Until you get the online vote for all American voters, it is most important to let the members of congress know how the majority of Americans feel about the issues and about the legislation congress passes.

• You must send a constant reminder to members of congress that you have the final voice with your vote and let the members of congress know that they listen to you, and work for you.

• Online Majority wants you to be part of the final voice on legislation. Until a Constitutional Amendment gives you the online vote on legislation, your online vote here will let congress know how you feel about the issues of the day and the laws they enact for you to live under.

• When you are logged in, on the My Profile drop down menu you will see, “Connect with your Senators and Representatives”.  Here you can enter your address and connect with your United States Senators and United States Representative.

• Online Majority will also connect with all United States Senators and United States Representatives, letting them know how their constituents feel about the issues.

• Together we will let members of congress know that we want the final voice on legislation.

• Members of congress will know how the majority of their constituents voted in our polls

• Invite other Online Majority members to join your caucus and work with them on common causes.

• Building caucuses is important.  It broadens the spectrum of people in your circle of communication, forming support groups for common causes.

• Town Hall is an open conversation where you can get to know other members and discuss the topics of the day

• In the Town Hall you can recruit other members to join your caucus and you will, no doubt be recruited to join other caucuses.

• We encourage you to join in the Town Hall conversation… be part of the fix for America.

• You can also select a topic, start a Town Hall meeting and moderate it yourself.

• Compete to see your name at the top of the leaderboard

• Play to win a trip to valuable prize. See the game details regarding prize and rules

• Read and comment on the blog that interests you.

• Comment on the blogs that others have writting.

• Write your own blogs and submit them for plublication on the website.

• We are a political website, so we publish blogs with political topics as the main focus. Blogs must not contain threats of bodily harm, pornographic material or inappropriate language.  Otherwise, all viewpoints are welcome and encouraged.

The most important reason you should join is the fact that you will never elect a fix for the issues facing Americans.  You must be the final voice on congressional legislation with your online vote. You cannot elect a fix… you must be an active part of the fix.


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